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Metal offers a natural style and beauty as ancient as our desire to create. At Architectural Bronze, our waterjet cutter and computer-driven routers cut each letter to precision in Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Steel. These highly engineered manufacturing systems give you the opportunity to cost-effectively add a matching custom rendition of your client's logo or special graphics.

Why You Should Buy Your Cut Metal Letters From Architectural Bronze!

  • We purchase our sheet by the truckload, guaranteeing the lowest possible price.
  • State of the art equipment ensures the best looking letters in the industry.
  • Regionalized manufacturing facilities for quick delivery.
  • Guaranteed for LIFE!

Waterjet vs. Router:

Waterjet Cut Letters and logos are made using a fine, high pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral. This fine stream cuts and allows for sharp (.030 radius) inside corners, small letters, and intricate detail on logos. Router Cut letters and logos are mechanically routed out of flat metal stock. Based on the material thickness and letter size, an 1/8" - 1/4" router bit will be used. As a result, inside corners will have a slight radius. Both methods of cutting allow the same finish after being cut.

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