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Verdigris Patina Copper - thumbnail

Verdigris Patina

99.9% Copper. A semi-reflective finish that is achieved through a chemical immersion process which accelerates the natural aging process of the metal. When the coloration process is completed a protective clear coat is applied to seal in the finish.

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99.9% Copper. A reflective finish that requires a protective clear-coating. We do not recommend using copper outdoors.

Satin Copper - thumbnail


99.9% Copper. A semi-reflective finish with a hairline running through it. It does require a protective clear coat. We do not recommend using copper outdoors.

Non-Directional Copper - thumbnail

Non Directional

99.9% Copper. All standard sanding grits available. Depending on the sanding grit specified this finish can be reflective or semi-reflective.

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Bead Blasted Copper

99.9% Copper. Semi-reflective finish achieved through blasting glass beads against the surface.


Architectural Bronze guarantees the construction of our products for the life of the sign.

This warranty covers the cost of repair or replacement of defective pieces, plus shipping costs. We reserve the right to decide whether to replace or repair the product in question. Our warranty does not include costs for de-installation, re-Installation or other associated expenses.

Although our brass and copper products receive a protective clear-coat, we do not guarantee the finish on brass or copper when used in an outdoor environment. For oxidized brass and copper, we cannot guarantee consistency of color over a large surface or from letter to letter.

Note: To clean brass or copper, use clean water; always use a soft cloth. Cleaning with abrasives or chemical materials will damage the clear-coat and allow oxidation to occur.