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Polished Stainless Steel - thumbnail


Alloy 304 and 316 available. A highly reflective finish similar to a mirror. The perfect material for projects where a "High Tech" image is required. It should be noted that for outdoor installations the high reflective value of the surface could make letters difficult to read. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

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Alloy 304 and 316 available. A semi-reflective finish with a hairline texture running through it. A very versatile finish it is the most requested finish we offer. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

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Non Directional

Alloy 304 and 316 available. All standard sanding grits available. Depending on the sanding grit specified this finish can be reflective or semi-reflective.

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Bead Blasted

Alloy 304 and 316 available. Semi-reflective finish achieved through blasting glass beads against the surface.

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Polyurethane Painted

Painted on Stainless Steel Alloy 304. When it comes to painting we are a unique company. The majority of our painting is done on our fabricated stainless steel. We use only the highest grade acrylic polyurethane paints available within the sign industry. When cured the finish is impact resistant and provides excellent resistance when exposed to most chemicals, solvents and of course the environment. People always ask why would you paint on stainless steel when aluminum is so much easier and less expensive to paint. The reason is quality and durability. In the event that the paint should chip or be scratched during installation or the natural life of the product, the underlying stainless steel will not deteriorate, as aluminum will.

Our color matching capability is extensive. We will custom match any color provided as long as we have a reference, such as a paint chip. When providing pantone colors as a paint specification, please remember that their intention is for matching of inks and cannot be matched identically with paints.

For paint finishes we offer a matte, semi-gloss and a gloss finish. We also have custom fading and blending capabilities.


Architectural Bronze guarantees the construction of our products for the life of the sign.

Architectural Bronze guarantees our #4 satin and #8 polished stainless steel* products against corrosion or discoloration due to environmental factors for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

Architectural Bronze guarantees the finish on our painted products against discoloring, peeling, spotting or flaking due to environmental factors for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers repair, replacement or re-finishing of defective products, plus any shipping costs. We reserve the right to decide whether to replace, repair or re-finish the product in questions. The warranty does not include de-installation, re-installation or other associated costs.

*Pertains to our 304 and 316 stainless steel alloys.

Note:To clean # 4 satin or # 8 polished stainless steel, use a mild glass cleaner and for hand-finished or painted stainless, use clean water; always use a soft cloth for cleaning all finishes, avoid abrasives.